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Google Analytics help for Small Business from WebEden, the online service that shows anyone how to build a website, announced this week the launch of a Google Analytics set up service. For a one-off fee, a WebEden specialist integrates Google Analytics with the customer website. The specialist then give the customer a telephone consultation to walk-through all the main menus, features and reports in Google analytics, to help them get to grips with the service.
Those customers opting for a higher package also have a follow up telephone consultation to take a look at some of the more advanced features and reports available. The Google analytics forms the entry level Search Engine Optimisation package from the WebEden website builder
UK MD Ken …

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Anti-Spamming Technique By Google

Blog spamming or comment spam is one of the many issues pertaining to the use of SEO or search engine optimization. It is a form of spamdexing which involves posting random comments or promoting commercial services to blogs and other forms of publicly accessible online discussion boards such as wikis and guestbooks which can be done automatically and manually.
Because of the severity of blog spamming in manipulating SERPs (search engine result pages), as well as causing floods in blogs and other forms of publicly accessible online discussion boards, several possible solutions have been made by both search engines and individuals to prevent or avoid the use comment spams in their blogs. One of the most …

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Rank n.1 on Google Using Seopressor WordPress

Rank 1 on google using seopressor wordpress is very easy to use and easy to get started. The SEOPressor was created by a person who was already an SEO but was not getting the results he was looking for. He decided to put some money into some research and trial runs and created the SEOPressor for WordPress. He has seen excellent results when comparing his top five posts using SEOPressor to the top five landing pages in Google Analytics, they almost perfectly matched up.
The first second of a visitors attention is the most crucial time. This is when they decide if they want to continue looking at the website or go to something else. rank …

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Does Google Use Keyword Meta Tag For Rankings?

A Meta Tag is essentially a description about what your website contains, or what is listed on an individual webpage. This text will usually fall just below the title on your website and is what appears on the search engine results page when someone performs a search for your website or any set of keywords that are associated with your website.
Using a good Meta Description can help to draw more individuals to your website and increase your search engine ranking, as long as you aren’t spamming with it. Spamming typically is an overuse of certain words and phrases designed to make a page look like it is more relevant on a topic than others.
Imagine that …

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Google Sitemaps 7 Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Google Sitemaps enables Webmasters to Directly Alert Google to Changes and Additions on a Website and that’s just one of 7 Benefits.
Telling search engines about new pages or new websites use to be what the submission process was all about. But major search engines stopped using that process a long time ago.
Google has for a long time depended on external links from pages they already know about in order to find new websites.
For webmasters and website owners Google Sitemaps is the most important development since RSS or Blog and Ping, to hit the Internet.
Using RSS and Blog and Ping enabled webmasters to alert the search engines to new additions to their web pages even though …

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How Important Are Analytics for Your Sites?

Ah, analytics. I’ll admit that, when I first started on the Internet, I didn’t even know what Analytics were, let alone how they could help me and my sites. But, then I stumbled across Google’s Analytics tool and fell in love. The sheer volume of tools and pieces of information you can dissect from the numbers offered by Google’s universal tool are astounding. Whereas before, you might need to pay $100 a month to get software that could give you this kind of data, you can now get it for free, in real time, and with very few drawbacks.
How Do You Use Analytics
I ‘m not going to walk you through the use of Google’s Analytic …

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