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4 Tips to Prevent Plagiarism and Protect Your Content

If you are concerned about the content on your website being protected and safe from others who try to steal it and use it on their own websites, you should know how to detect it, prevent it and how to keep the content that you use safe. Plagiarism is not a new concept, it has been a concern for decades, but the Internet has introduced new opportunities to steal content in the electronic form from one website to another. You may be wondering if there is anything that you can do to keep other users and websites from using the content that you have developed. While you cannot prevent everyone from trying to steal the …

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5 Big Problems With Cheap Websites

A few weeks after you paid for your website another bill drops on your door mat for over £4,000 ($6,500) from the owner of the image rights to the pictures used on your website. Don’t think it cannot happen to you, I’ve seen it again this week. There is no escape. You are using stolen property. You must pay for your past use and either change your pictures or pay again for future use.
How does this work? Well, the suppliers of cheap websites are usually one man bands or small businesses. Their aim is simple, to get a good hourly rate for something that looks nice and does a basic job. The up-side is that …

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