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How to Get Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers Fast!

Did you know that Facebook and Twitter get millions of visitors to their site each month? These two social network giants are in the top five most popular sites in the world. When it comes to an untapped market for advertising, these have to be the most underestimated sites today. Imagine what you could do with thousands of new customers. How much would your business grow? That is the beauty of social network sites and why many companies are turning to this potential gold mine for revenue.
If you need Facebook fans and Twitter followers, you might consider buying them. You can instantly increase the visibility of your company and promote your products and services. With …

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Profiting From Adsense Ready Sites

Let’s talk about using Adsense ready sites to decrease your workload and increase your revenue.
Adsense ready sites are websites that are ready for you to upload to your server and start making money on right away. While they vary from package to package, most have similar features.
For instance, Adsense ready sites should be already search engine optimized. That means that they have custom meta tags, H1 tags, and title tags. They should also have a Google sitemap and approved Privacy Policy as part of the package.
Then there are the ads themselves. Adsense ready sites should allow you to input your Adsense code and have fully working ads ready to go. Many also allow you to …

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Social Media Case Study: Blendtec

The acting is wooden, the music is cheesy, but Blendtec’s ‘Will It Blend?’ is deservedly one of the all-time-great viral campaigns…
Tom Dickson is an unlikely superstar. He’s chubby and totally unable to act, yet his popularity has reached such levels in the US that ‘Tom Dickson is my Homeboy’ T-shirts are now all the rage. Why? Because since 2006 Mr Dickson has fronted a series of online videos in which he cheerfully drops everything from marbles to the new iPhone 4 into a blender and mashes the bejesus out of them.
The reason for such wanton destruction is so that Dickson, the CEO of blender manufacturer Blendtec, can demonstrate the efficacy of his company’s product. It’s …

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Internet Marketing and Social Media Hype

How effective is social media marketing these days? It’s August 2010 and it seems that the whole world including small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, government institutions and even politicians are trying to utilize Facebook, Twiter and etc. for marketing. Sarah Palin’s or Lou Dobbs’ websites have follow us icons and you can find these guys twitting, facebooking (not sure if it’s appropriate term) and buzzing every day. But how effective is all this social media hype?
Yes, you always hear in the news that some small business in Idaho tweeted about their potato heads and that’s how they sold millions of units by now. But is this true? One thing we have to realize is …

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Benefits of HTML Email Newsletters

Nowadays people are getting fastidious and very selective about which newsletters they want to read. As a marketer, its very hard to find out what kind of formatting, subject line, title, text or any other presentation style will be liked by a customer. Therefore, it becomes necessary to prepare an email newsletter in such a manner so that the format as well as presentation is acceptable to all. The HTML newsletter through an email is a perfect way to present your letter to the target audience.
Why choose HTML for e-newsletters?
There are several advantages of presenting newsletters in HTML format. A marketer can easily create a more impressive as well as effective layout for the purpose …

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Why Internet Marketing?

We have been experiencing changing situations, and the marketplace is actually dominated by the internet. We need to give credit to it’s usefulness with respect to enabling us all to do business worldwide by simply a click of a button. This creates connection considerably faster and simpler, in addition to available techniques for you to have various possibilities to earn money extremely fast.
The online world has amazing effect on almost everything we undertake and also furthermore there usually are a huge number of sites which are presenting a number of ways to create revenue quick and simple, you are able to generate an excellent salary should you be prepared be taught as well as act.
Probably …

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