Important Tips for – High Quality Website Designing

Catchy Content

Understand what your customers need and then work accordingly will take you towards the first step of success. People have their own reasons to surf net. Only if they like something on your website will they stay on it. So recognizing their needs is vital. Therefore your website must provide them with the useful and some of the basic information that they require.


Select a color scheme and use it throughout the website. Having a theme which supports your brand would be ideal. Some standard color schemes include:
• Red, yellow and white
• Blue and white
• Red, grey and white
• Blue, orange and white
• Yellow, grey and white.

Similarly keep other elements constant on every page so it looks alike.

Avoid Distractions

distractions like animations and sound effects should be avoided. At times a user is put off by such effects. Even if there are sound effects then there should also be mute button. Pop up windows is another thing disliked by most of the users. So the advertisers who use pop ups for their ads should be keep away. Also one should note that the background should be kept plain, this will not only decrease the loading time but will also be user friendly.

Easy Navigation

your content should be organized in such a manner so that people can find it easily. The information should just be few clicks away; else the customer might get bugged and will eventually discard the site eventually. Similarly the length of the page should also be kept in mind. Too much of scrolling is not advisable. The ideal length of a page should be two pages for a normal content and five to six pages for articles.

Having a navigation menu on every page would be a good idea so that users may have a choice to navigate other pages of your site. Also navigation link to go the homepage should also be provided on every page so that if in the middle of something the user wants to go to your homepage, he has the option to do so.

Fast Download

Using the compression software that compresses the size of your images as well as the audios and videos should be used. This will decrease the loading time, thereby increasing your efficiency.


It is this factor that creates goodwill among your clients. The width of the text column should be such that users have no difficulty in reading the consecutive line. A contrasting border will not be strenuous to the eyes. It’s important for you to choose a decent font size and style. There should be no grammatical error and spelling mistakes in your text. Therefore you should ensure that the content is proof-read before it is published on the site.

Easy Accessibility

It is always better to have your contact information at the top and the end of every page. Having more than one contact information will increase the faith of the customers. To avoid spam, never give your email address in form of simple mail to: link.


A frequent check on the broken links and modifying them accordingly is a good practice. Also add the dates for your last changes. This will make you appear brisk in the eyes of your clients.

SEO Friendly

Make your site SEO friendly. Be concerned for keyword density, placement, etc. Use proper description for your pages. Generate search engine friendly URLs for your pages.
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