The Best Elements of a Good Website

When you have a website, you want it to be designed in a way it is appealing to visitors and easy to navigate. There are a few elements of web design that are fairly universal that every site needs. Find out what you need to do that will make your site follow these design elements.

First of all, you need to have a simple design to your site. Many times pages look sloppy when too much is going on. You need to simplify things so that visitors can focus on your content as opposed to other distractions. If you choose to have ads on your site, keep them simple as well. Having a long column of flashing banner ads is very distracting to readers, so consider only using ads that have no animation.

Make sure your site is easy on the eyes. Choose colors that a pleasant to look at, not harsh. If your site has conflicting colors or is just plain ugly, visitors will back out of it very quickly! You should also consider the readability of the site. If you use a dark background with a light text, it will not be as easy to read as a light background with a dark text. There are some websites that lend themselves to a white text on dark background look, but there are very few of them.

Make sure your site loads fast. People aren’t going to wait that long to look at your site if it takes a long time to load. Odds are they will go back to the search engine and try a different option. Remember, there are a lot of websites out there. Make sure yours is the one they want to stop at.

Put your most important information near the top left of the page. This is where most people start to scan down websites. The least likely place for people to look is at the bottom right of the page. Keep the least important things here.

Every page on the site needs to be fairly uniform. Using a theme or template system will help with this. Some of the nicest looking sites on the web have a graphic or border that carries through the whole site. This makes the site flow nicely.

Make sure you have a full space between paragraphs on your site. No one likes huge blocks of texts. Shorter paragraphs are better to use as well. Internet users tend to be skimmers versus reading word for word. Short paragraphs with spaces help with this.

Make sure that your header is not too big. It will make the page take longer to load and visitors will have to scroll down to see the content area of your site which is a huge problem. You want to have a good portion of your content above the fold. In other words, you want people to see the most important things about your site without scrolling. Make that content appealing enough that they want to stay and scroll!

Building a great website isn’t hard work. Just follow these simple tips and you will have a great looking site that will keep your visitors happy!

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