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In web design, the use of style sheet languages such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) are very important to properly and efficiently control the many elements found in a website, from text to images. However, before the use of these styling languages, a number of methods were first applied to manipulate a website’s content. One recognized method is the use of tables.

Tables in web design

When the Internet was first introduced, it was known for its use as a means to share research notes and other important information. But because of its capability to deliver access to a wider market compared to TV advertising or billboards, many business sought its use to advertise and market their business in the Internet, thus from the academic and research world into the mainstream.

Because of this expansion, many graphic artists have also sought ways to control the the visual appearance of the Web pages presented to end users. According to many Web design Philippines experts, a number of methods have been introduced, and one of the most promising is the use of tables as well as spacers (which are usually transparent single pixel GIF images with explicitly specified width and height).

Disadvantages of using tables

Though it provided them with a way to control every element found in their websites, allowing them to create layouts, the use of tables do have its disadvantages, particularly with its accessibility. Many web pages which were designed with tables nested within tables have resulted in large HTML documents which use more bandwidth than documents with simpler formatting.

This problem became even worst when WYSIWYG editors were introduced, which lead to many tables nested within tables as well as tables with unnecessary rows and columns. According to many experts, such as those from Web design Philippines companies, this major issue led to the decline of the Internet in 2001. It is also in this time that many sought other ways to manipulate the elements of a website without jeopardizing its accessibility. This is where styling languages were introduced in the market.

The boom of style sheet languages

Because of the adverse effects of using tables in web design, many have introduced methods in controlling the many elements of a website without having to use tables. One of which is the use of style sheet languages. According to many experts, such as those from Web design Philippines companies, the advantage of using style sheet languages is because of its accessibility, bandwidth saving, and maintainability.

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