5 Incredible Benefits of .Net to a Web Development Company

The 5 incredible benefits of .Net to a web development company would be more justified if we know exactly what is .Net? It is a web services strategy devised by Microsoft to help build a connection between the people, system, software and information. It equips the web developer with the ability to rapidly develop, disperse and manage a web application. High level security features of .Net further arms the developer to develop applications that are also very secure.

Hope the definition as above helps you better understand the 5 incredible benefits of .Net we have listed as below:

Productivity Increases
Prior to the introduction of .Net web developers working with web development companies used to laboriously code the whole application. This obviously consumed more time. However with reusable application blocks as included in .NET and C# less code needs to be written by the developer. This in turn results in saving of lot of time. Libraries of .NET are easily accessible and can boost the web application development process. Any update if required by the web development company can be done swiftly due to the maintainable, pluggable and loosely bound frameworks.

Quick Application Planning
Microsoft patterns and practices guidance and reference architectures serve as maneuver to the developers at a web development company. It helps them decide right structure for developing a customer application. This lowers the number of hours otherwise required to plan the application design and functioning. Answers to technical queries encountered at the time of the development can be found in the guidance. Many companies have experienced up to 40% time saving using the guidance and strategies.

Testing time is reduced
Frameworks and patterns of .net are pretested and debugged and so are almost perfect which results in fewer errors. Bugs usually found when the application is developed using a custom made framework are not found now. This makes the testing and debugging process fast.

High Quality Software
Using frameworks and components provided by Microsoft also ensures that the application developed by the web development company is of high quality. Applications developed now are more reliable. Many companies also design and build their own frameworks based on the frameworks provided by patterns and practices this again adds to the quality of the software so developed. Better quality products ensure higher growth of the company.

Less Marketing
Good software products speak volumes about the web development company developing them. Hence the company needs less marketing efforts to generate business.

All these benefits of .Net as a web development platform are of course good but apart from the web development company even the web developers can benefit by using it. Web developer can save lot of time which can be then used in some other work. They can increase their productivity without compromising on the quality of the application. Lastly complex applications can be developed very easily using guidance and references hence the job becomes less stressful.

Do you also find all these benefits of .Net unbelievable? What are you waiting for? Go get your .Net version and start reaping the benefits from today itself.
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