Custom Application Development – Next IT Big Revolution

You might have often observed that your friend’s clothes do not fit you as perfectly as they fit your friend, and in case if you are lucky that they fit you then there will be a few areas where the fitting would look a little messy. Similar is the case with application development. An application developed for a particular company cannot be useful to other company as the business needs differ. Hence came into existence the concept of custom application development.

With the above paragraph you would have already got hint into what is custom application development. Still here is a complete explanation of the term custom application development. Different companies working in different sections offering very varied services and products by following an equally varied process need unique application which is designed to make their working easy.
Custom web application development aims to survey the workings of each company and estimate their needs. Depending on these needs the features that should be included in the application are decided. While doing this utmost care is taken not to miss on even a single criterion to ensure that the application so developed will be in sync with the business processes of the company or else it can make client’s business operations upside down.
After estimating the needs of the application the web development company has to prepare the process through which the custom application development will be done. It has to decide on:
1) Which technology will be used for the application development?

2) How to divide the project in milestones and their assignment?

3) Who will be responsible for the complete project?

4) How much time it will take to complete the application development?

5) How will be the application tested?

6) How much it will cost the company and the client?
After all these things are decided the actual process of developing custom application begins. Throughout the process special care is taken to ensure things work out as planned. Testing the application before it is handed to the client is vital. It is here that all the bugs encountered during the custom web application development are found and solved. Unsuccessful testing can result in ill performing software.
Many companies today have understood the benefits of custom applications and are swiftly moving towards it. With the increase in the demand for custom application development services more and more companies offering these services have emerged which have further strengthened the competition. But only a few are going to survive, it is unnecessary to argue who will survive as we all are aware of Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest.
Whether you manufacture products or offer services a custom application is a must for you because:
1) It will make your company operations smooth and fast

2) Minimize errors of any kind. History is evidence enough that small errors have caused companies to lose millions

3) Smooth and fast working increase employee efficiency

4) Helps companies to provide better quality services and products

5) Difficult functions like staff and inventory management become easier

6) Reduces cost to company on overheads

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