Cheap Web Hosting Ideas

With growing Internet opportunities, we all know the best way to gain popularity is to have a website of your own. It is no secret that the Internet is the base for many people to start a new business, or expand their existing market. With the number of web hosting services going up, competition is intense, and hence affordable web hosting is no longer impossible to find. A web host service means a service that allows website owners to load certain information on a website and make it visible to the public. Choosing a good cheap web hosting company is not easy, you need to research and find out which companies are reliable and reputed. Here are some ideas for your website.

Plan and Decide

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of website you want. Have an idea, at least a vague one, of how you want it to look and the content, images etc on it. With the basic decisions done, put your site in the hands of professionals and leave it to them to do the rest.


You should set your budget on your financial capabilities, and ask the web hosting company for their payment plans. See which kind of payment is most suitable for you, monthly or quarterly payments etc.


Get a list of all the suitable web hosting companies. Check out their packages and their price. Above all, find the company that lets you have your money’s worth.

Free and Paid Hosting

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You will see that free web hosting is commitment free and lets you upload what you need to, but does not give you control over your website. Another disadvantage is that there will be many advertisements on your web page, that cannot be removed, whereas paid hosting is comparatively expensive.


Selecting the platform is another important decision. You have two platforms to select from, Unix (and its variants like Linux) and Windows. Unix is free, whereas Windows offers you more security and other features.


Make sure a lot of space is alloted in your website, to upload images as they take up maximum space. If you are someone who wants to start a website as a hobby, then you may not require a lot of space. But to get your business started, you require a lot of space.

Reseller hosting

This is a form of web hosting where, the owner of a website allots it to another person. These are basically for companies that want to resell and earn from it. A reseller is a person who sells his web space on somebody else’s server. Reselling schemes vary widely.

Dedicated hosting

This is another type of Internet hosting where the client leases an entire server for himself, and it is not shared with anyone. Dedicated servers host only your website. This means that all of the space and bandwidth on the server is yours and yours alone. You do not have to share hosting with other businesses and you can make your website as large as you want and include databases such as shopping carts as well as forums, that normally take up quite a bit of space.

User friendly

Along with the price, make sure your site is user friendly. The site needs to look attractive and easy to use. Bear in mind that your site must be unique, so be careful while using templates; if possible try to avoid them altogether.


You can visit forums regarding web hosting, and easily find cheap ideas and tips from experts, that are certain to help you. Many forums are dedicated to web site hosting, and will have members eager to solve any problems that you might encounter.
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