Awesome Eggrolls

My brother and I were traveling across California to get back to our home when we stopped in Santa Monica. My brother had been craving some Chinese food and especially wanted to get some eggrolls. We did not really know Santa Monica but I knew that we could find a reliable place to eat with the aid of Grayboxx. I opened up my laptop and went to the home page.

Towards the bottom of the page under top categories, I clicked on restaurants. The next screen asked me to choose the city I wanted information for. I clicked on Santa Monica and then on the business listings option to get a list of results. I knew I could trust the results that came up because Grayboxx conducts its search differently from most other search engines.

Imagine having your own personal advisors that not only know the area extensively but know which businesses are the ones to use. Grayboxx uses Preferential Scoring to help users find the answers they need without having to worry about the results being tainted by how much money a company might spend on changing the company’s rankings.

We found a couple of Chinese restaurants and we picked one that we thought would provide what we were looking for. The food was perfect and the eggrolls were awesome. My brother was very pleased at how well things worked out. The waitress overheard us talking about Grayboxx and she asked how this site could be trusted to answer our questions.

After we explained how we used Native Search all the time, she was curious if it could help her find services she needed as well. My brother pulled out his laptop and she visited the site to see what she could find. She was very surprised when she says that one business that she knew was a good one was the first to come up when she conducted her search. She told us she would have to try out this site the next time she was looking for advice.
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