Do You Need IT Support Outsourcing?

If you are considering IT support outsourcing for your business as opposed to hiring in house staff, you may be searching for some ideas to help you make your decision. Having personnel in house to solve computer problems is expensive. If you are looking for ways to trim your budget, one of the best ways to do this is to outsource your IT support. There are several advantages to having a support staff of at least one person (depending on the size of your company), regardless of whether it is in house or not.

Good IT professionals are going to bring you peace of mind knowing that no matter what may happen with your computers, servers or network, you have people who can respond quickly to resolve issues in quickly and thoroughly. You need professionals who are going to have access to the latest state of the art software to efficiently eliminate downtime. They should also be able to actively monitor and report on network security and other business critical systems on a constant basis. It is nothing new to say that computers can bring problems, stress and strain on your companys budget. However, using IT support outsourcing really can make a huge difference in that budget, especially if you seem to be having technical problems that dont seem to go away or your in house team seems to be bogged down with the same projects constantly.

When computers do what we need them to do, they are great! However, when there is a problem (and doesnt there often seem to be a problem?) they can really be a burden and a hassle sometimes an expensive burden and hassle. Most businesses have three main service needs when it comes to computers and technology:

1. Helpdesk: A responder who can quickly solve simple problems

2. System Engineer: A professional with at least five years of experience in the field who provides support for business class servers. He or she will effectively secure networks from hackers and viruses and deploy needed business software and applications.

3. Chief Information Officer (CIO): A professional who understands where the business is headed and how technology is going to potentially enhance operational efficiencies by steering it in the right direction, technologically speaking.

Businesses can have any or all of these professionals either in house or with IT support outsourcing the outsourcing, however, will be available at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time internal employees, in an overwhelming majority of cases.
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