Rich Internet Application Development- Enhancing User Experience

Internet today has scaled new heights and it offers online businesses a wondrous opportunity to tap its vast customer base. Business organizations realize the potential of the Internet driven business and have invested in it to enhance the profitability of their ventures. This has created need for development of user friendly web applications that are completely customer-centric and satisfactorily fulfill their needs. Hence the web developers nowadays concentrate on Rich Internet Application development so that businesses can engage and captivate the imagination of users/visitors and convert them into actual buyers of the services/products.

The Rich internet application is internet driven and combines the best of desktop and web. The “no refresh” feature allows the server to automatically update the end user without him or her having to perform some action. The RIA developer uses various technologies available today to create amazing RIAs. Adobe Flex, AJAX, JAVA and Microsoft Silverlight are some well known technologies used in the Rich Internet Application development.
A Rich Internet Application overcomes the shortcomings of the standard web applications like low interactivity, processing delays, retrieval problems and tendency to crash under peak loads. The RIA provides the website capacity to intelligently interact with end users and offer them full-fledged functionalities, so that they can have a delightful experience.
The finest feature of Rich Internet Application (RIA) a secure environment and no need of the software installation to work. It is internet and compatible to all the browsers. The RIA development technology empowers, websites to increase client interaction, allows better client-server balance, reduces workload on the server, facilitates easy movement of data from client to server, and improves network efficiency. The RIA developer brings life into the website by flawlessly integrating video and audio clips, graphics, animations and multimedia.
Rich Internet application development is a boon for online business. Through video and audio clips embedded in the website, the business manager can easily get their message across to worldwide audience in very cheap manner. The rich graphics, interactive polls and animated displays help those businesses to showcase their offerings to worldwide audience and increase their business revenues.
Flex is most popular technology used today for the Rich Internet Application (RIA) development because it is an open source. The low development cost and easy availability of latest Flex versions like Flex 4 and testing tools like Flex Monkey have made the job of Flex developers quite easy. Now they can quickly create, test and deploy amazing RIAs. The RIAs so created are robust and scalable. They do not exhibit any deviations in functionality even during peak loads when multitude of users concurrently accesses the RIA. This makes RIA quite dependable and the online businesses can rely on them to deliver the desired results.
The competition between online businesses is getting stiffer, with each passing day and RIA development has occupied a center-stage. The web developer today are more focused on creating appealing web applications that captivate the end users and engage them for longer period of time in the website. Highly responsive RIA encourages greater participation from the end users and brightens the chances of converting them into actual consumer of the products or services offered by the online business. This increases the revenues of the online venture and serves the purpose of investing in a RIA.

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