Tips for the Internet Marketing Freelancer

Losing that 9 to 5 job and working from home can be the most amazing thing anyone can ever do. I do free lance web design. Most of my work is creating websites for small and medium sized businesses as well as individuals. I wake up when I want, work when I want and play when I want. There are however many things which you should be aware of before taking the big leap and quitting your full time job.

Have a system:

It’s always good to have a system in place which brings in a consistent income. Initially when I started working full time from home, things went well in the beginning but soon I hit a cold streak and things went downhill really fast. I had no money saved for my general business expenses like web hosting and when my hosting went down, soon I had no websites up making income as well as I had no place to put websites for my clients. Soon I maxed out my credit cards and it took a long time to dig myself out of that financial hole. This leads to my next point.

Calculate how much money you will need for 6 months:

Meaning if you made $0, could you afford to live off your savings for 6 months? There are always unexpected expenses that come up at seemingly the worst times so make sure you have a ton of money saved up. Think of gas, food, business expensives, rent, mortgage, phone bill. Do you have a family to feed? This may seem like common sense but once you sit down and compile an actual list, the amount of expenses you actually have will surprise you.

Have a back up plan:

Many internet marketing free lancers will jump from one money making method to another. Many of these methods work well for awhile but then crash when the market gets over saturated. If you happen to be doing something similiar, make sure you at least have some assets to sell off. For myself when my income slowed down, I started doing logos for companies as well. It certainly wasn’t a substantial income but it was enough to pay my bills and feed myself until I got something else up and running.

Always be frugal, even when things are giong well:

Just like many Americans, I got into the habit of “The more money I make, the more I can spend”. I noticed that when things were going well, I started buying more and more things which normally were out of the budget. I started saving less and when the next cold streak hit, I was really screwed. You might be having your best month ever but remember that things can fall flat the next month. Once I had a month were I grossed over 5 figures while the next month was only about of third of that. Some of the products I was selling tanked because the publisher decided to change some of the “program terms”. Remember you’re always at the mercy of the publisher if you do affiliate marketing so keep that in mind. The bottom line is these companies can screw you over with no warning and there’s nothing you can do about it. Last year I was running a very successful campaign with eBay, they flipped their whole program terms around and my earnings went from a couple thousand a month to about $150. I was upset but couldn’t do a thing about it.

To this day, I’m still blessed to be able to travel and work from my laptop but it’s not all fun in the sun every day. As a freelancer, the only person that has your back is yourself and there are many dangers which you should keep in mind.

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