Internet Marketing and Social Media Hype

How effective is social media marketing these days? It’s August 2010 and it seems that the whole world including small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, government institutions and even politicians are trying to utilize Facebook, Twiter and etc. for marketing. Sarah Palin’s or Lou Dobbs’ websites have follow us icons and you can find these guys twitting, facebooking (not sure if it’s appropriate term) and buzzing every day. But how effective is all this social media hype?

Yes, you always hear in the news that some small business in Idaho tweeted about their potato heads and that’s how they sold millions of units by now. But is this true? One thing we have to realize is that Facebook, Twitter, ForSquare, Digg, Orkut – all those so called innovative start ups are no longer start ups or neither they are innovative anymore. All those companies by now have been pumped in millions of dollars by investors. That’s why you hear about them so often. There is no day that I wouldn’t see or hear about FB or Twitter making the news. Even if it’s something ridiculous as FB privacy policy settings or Twitter sending 600 millionth tweet this year. There is really no bad publicity for these guys. And believe me; with $100s of millions behind them they can sure create the Buzz.

From my own experience I am getting more and more disappointed every day with those must utilize social media methods. I’ve tried to promote my website via those channels but with not much success. I do get more website traffic from good old forums, directory registrations or article submissions. This tweeting and facebooking process is time consuming and at the end of the day I think those sites are the only winners. Recently I’ve created Twitter’s account for my new upcoming website (the site is not online yet) and within four weeks I got 70 followers. I don’t know any of the followers personally but their names such as SEOguru, Tweetking or MassSexy suggest that the only reason they are here is same as mine. Today I compare social media networking to a trade show full of marketing people trying to market to other marketing people. And it is all because they are being told that this is the best way. Does anyone else have similar experience?

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