Microsoft bing: pros and cons

Microsoft has unveiled its re energized search engine “Bing”, after building upon improvement concepts of its original search engine “Live Search”. While the previous Live Search engine might have a narrow range of hits for each search term, the Bing seems to have come up with impressive additions to make your browsing experience pleasant.
The first thing is the “related searches” attribute. Now, for every search term that you enter into Bing, you will get a list of search results and also a short list of related search results visible nicely on the left side of the computer screen. This makes the browsing experience of either a novice computer user or an experienced researcher more time-saving and comprehensive. Imagine how much time you would spend entering new keyword combination every time you wanted to collect information on a topic related to your main topic. Seems that Bing would make it easy for you!

The next thing where Bing exceeds its competitors is the video search attribute. In other search engines, there is generally a vertical list of hits. On the contrary, in Microsoft bing, you get each result of a video search displayed along with a screen capture that is big enough to give you a better idea about the video. Also, on the left, there would be a list of related video searches even if you have not entered those terms. For instance, if you enter a video search term “Mathematics”, there might be related video search option “algebra”.

However, I think Bing would not be a nice engine for researchers and data collectors for secondary data. This is because even though bing exceeds its competitors in presentation and visual experience of browsing, it has a slightly weaker search engine that does not always give you the best and the most relevant results. If you are doing a research on any complicated topic, then visual experience as well as presentation is nothing to fret about!

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