The Greatest Mistakes of the Webmasters

Every Webmaster always focuses on their home page and practically ignores all the other pages in their website. The homepage is the first page that comes up if someone types in simply the domain name or url with nothing else following.

Webmasters load all images, calls to action (if they have any), strongest content, keywords, links, and whatever else, on the home page. The assumption is made that all visitors will come in through the “front door” or home page.

This is one of the greatest mistakes of the webmasters.
I’ve been creating serries of websites for years. And the biggest insight I can give you is this: Your homepage is not necessarily the most viewed page on your website. I am not stating here that your home page is not important; it is very important. However, consider the following.
Do a search for “Virginia Medical Malpractice Attorney” and review the results. Which of these results is the most compelling? Well, based on the search phrase that I typed in, the second result is a closer match to my request. It also has a clever “call to action,” offering me a free book. However, both descriptions are compelling. So some might click on the first, others may click on the second. The second actually goes to an internal practice area page.

Let’s say half of the searches click on choice #1 and half click on choice #2. That means for this attorney, 50% of his prospects are NOT coming in through the home page – and in fact may never see the home page. So if he was relying on his home page to make the sale, he’s be ignoring (and losing) at least 50% of his prospects.

Solution for this greatest mistakes of the webmasters

Well I think this mistakes of the webmasters is simple to correct. You need to ensure that every single page of your website has a relevant call to action or a way of contacting you. This could be as simple as a “contact us” page and link that, when clicked on, brings the user to the contact form of your website, to a more acceptable and widely used “mini contact” form on each of your pages. The best thing and most effective conversion tool to use on a website these days is a compelling video and an offering of free information. This is a proven method
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