On-Page And Off-Page SEO Tips And Techniques

In SEO, there are two important aspects which is crucial to any SEO campaign. These are the on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO involves a number of techniques which is aimed to make a website more “search engine friendly”, while off-page SEO are those techniques which involves getting links from other websites as well as techniques which are aimed to build-up a website’s reputation in their own industry.

On-Page SEO: Tips and Techniques

On-page SEO mostly involve techniques which are used to make a website more “search engine friendly”, and this may include several changes within a website’s coding and content. According to many SEO Philippines experts, on-page SEO techniques include:

Meta Tag Optimization: This is by using meta tags such as meta description and meta keywords to include several important keywords in it.

Title Tag Optimization: Similar to Meta Tag optimization, this also involves changing the titles to include important keywords.

Alt Tag Optimization: Alt tags are found in images, and this can also be used to include a number of keywords.

Content Optimization: The content of the website is important to any search engines, and by including a number of critical keywords within the content, this can make for a successful on-page SEO.

File-name Optimization: By optimizing the file names used in images, for example, this can also help in making a website more search engine friendly.

URL Optimization: This is by removing symbols such as @#$% on dynamic URLs and replacing it with important keywords.

Sitemap Optimization: Other than helping visitors navigate through the website, according to many SEO Philippines experts, it also helps search engine crawlers or spiders to navigate through the website.

Internal Link Optimization: Compared to just using “Read More”, using a critical keyword on the anchor text allows search engine spiders to find more information on the keyword it followed.

Off-Page SEO: Tips and Techniques

Off-page SEO involves several techniques which are aimed to further increase a website’s rank in search engines. This is through getting links from other websites called link building. There are many link building techniques used in today’s SEO. And here are some of the most important:

Web directories: One of the simplest forms of link building techniques. This involves submitting one’s URL in popular web directories such as Google Directory, Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ, and other popular web directory.

Use of business registration sites: Although not as popular as other link building techniques, this is normally used to make your business known in the industry.

Use of advertisement sites: Although not as popular as other link building techniques, this may also be used to advertise their products or services. And this normally comes with a free one-way link.

Article marketing: Though this is another form of Internet marketing, this technique can also generate a number of links. According to many SEO Philippines experts, the more popular the article gets, the more weight search engines will put on the link found in that article.

Blog commenting and forum signatures: Blog comments normally allows one to put their links on their comments or their name, while forum signatures can also generate links.

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