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Text or Banner Design for Online Advertisements

In the recent years there had been great buzz around contextual advertising programs such as Adsense. The text based ads are cheaper, and are generally considered a cost saving way to brand a product or service online. However, it is also widely accepted that image based banner ads are still getting more response from the web surfers.
A general misconception that is found among small businesses looking for cheap online advertisement solutions is that they believe that only the text ads can be contextual. Please allow me to explain what context in online advertisement means. In today‚Äôs popular online advertising program, you define a certain few keywords in your ad campaign, and then you define a …

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Banner Design Procedure for New Buyers

Have you finally decided to promote your business via banner advertisement but since this is your first time designing and marketing through this medium, you are a bit confused? This feeling is normal. When you try to get something designed online for the first time, you feel a bit anxious and wonder whether you will get what you pay for. Your banner can either make your campaign a success or destroy it completely, resulting in waste of time, money and efforts. However, once you get the banner designed successfully, then you will know the procedure as you will learn from experience that how to confidently order a banner for your business.
As you get the banner …

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