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5 Incredible Benefits of .Net to a Web Development Company

The 5 incredible benefits of .Net to a web development company would be more justified if we know exactly what is .Net? It is a web services strategy devised by Microsoft to help build a connection between the people, system, software and information. It equips the web developer with the ability to rapidly develop, disperse and manage a web application. High level security features of .Net further arms the developer to develop applications that are also very secure.
Hope the definition as above helps you better understand the 5 incredible benefits of .Net we have listed as below:
Productivity Increases
Prior to the introduction of .Net web developers working with web development companies used to laboriously code the …

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10 Benefits of Having Your Own Website

The Internet brings opportunity to everyday folks like no other tool has in the history of planet Earth. It is the Information Highway, but the Internet is also a connection place for family, friends, business associates and customers. Perhaps you surf the Web daily visiting online businesses or social websites and wish that you could be an even greater part of this amazing “Web” of people. One way to do this is to create your own website. And not just a Web “page” like many social sites allow, but an entire website under your own domain name that you can modify and add to whenever you want. If you’re ready to embark on this opportunity, …

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