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Strong vs. Simple

Which is the best, CSS or XSL? CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is one of the most popular and widely used styling languages since the dawn of “tableless web design”. However, many web design experts, as well as the many web design Philippines experts, have said that CSS’ functionality is inferior compared to what XSL or Extensible Stylesheet Language is capable of. So which is the best?
CSS and XSL are considered as the two primary style sheet languages which are used in the market today. CSS was formed when two styling languages, Cascading HTML Style Sheets (CHSS) and Stream-based Style Sheet Proposal (SSP), was picked by W3C from 9 other languages to form …

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Web Design History

In web design, the use of style sheet languages such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) are very important to properly and efficiently control the many elements found in a website, from text to images. However, before the use of these styling languages, a number of methods were first applied to manipulate a website’s content. One recognized method is the use of tables.
Tables in web design
When the Internet was first introduced, it was known for its use as a means to share research notes and other important information. But because of its capability to deliver access to a wider market compared to TV advertising or billboards, many business sought its use …

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