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Guidelines For Having Traffic to Stay at Your website For More Time

You have invested a lot of time and effort, and potentially money, in getting visitors to come along to your webpage and read what you have to say, so the last thing you want is for them to leave after just reading the one page.
OK, if after one page they click on a PPC advert, you have made a slight return, but the principle is that they find a few pages, subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed and then click your PPC add or other banner. That way, they may just return and earn you more money. So what tips can you be using?
Don’t Baffle With Too Many Adverts
Well, for a start, don’t frighten …

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Foundations of SEO : Content Optimization

In a previous article, I talked about key words and how to gather them. If you research online, you will find some web designers recommending having hundreds of keywords including plurals and regions and misspellings and colors and …
And that’s probably fine if you plan to spend money in Adsense or some other PPC (pay per click) advertising service. What if you haven’t reached that point yet? What if your budget is pocket change?
The good news is that if you do good keyword research, you will be able to narrow down a large list to your 50 biggest hitters. This is a reasonable number to aim for since it is likely that your site only …

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