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SEO Theories And Techniques

There are many types of Internet marketing strategies used in the market, and one of the most popular in today’s modern trends, according to many professionals, is SEO or search engine optimization. So what is SEO?
SEO: Theories and Techniques
SEO or search engine optimization is said to be part of SEM, or search engine marketing. However, many experts have contradicted this understanding and that SEO is a separate type of Internet marketing compared to SEM.
According to many experts, and SEO Philippines enthusiasts, the difference between SEO and SEM involves the use of money, that SEM deals with paid placement while SEO makes use of unpaid techniques which results in natural or organic inclusion in search results.
There …

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SEO is a Time Consuming Activity

Ask those who do it day in and day out and who have to ensure that the website they optimize stays right there at the top! Ask those on whom the pressure to retain the top rank of the website lies and any failure in doing that results in a severe reprimand! Ask those who do their work and also keep fretting about the increase in competition and have to worry whether their website and efforts will survive the litmus test or not! It is these factors that result in people with receding hairlines and again, it is these factors that often make people take stress related medication to knock off that pressure. Those who …

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