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Successful Web Design Tips

The race of website design has started since the founder of internet; ‘Time Burners Lee’ uploaded a simple document on a web server. Although the Internet has played a huge & vital role in one of the most important & surprising entries in the world since the day it was evolved. It has taken the attention of the world by storm & can give you the higher level of sales & reputation that everyone wishes from a web site design.
But as a matter of fact, most business parties often fail to take this fact into consideration and hire a company on the basis of its working hour rate instead of the quality of the web …

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Understanding the Web Design Process

A good way to understand the web-design process is to understand it through a case study. In this article, I will present the case study of Jake, a busy web developer, as he works with a client to create a small web page.
1. Gathering Design Requirements
Jake has a new client, an import and export agent. The agent needs a simple web site to give her brief background and details of the services she provides. After an initial meeting with Dianne, the real estate agent, Jake grabs a pencil and sheet of paper, and he starts creating rough sketches of the home page. He draws a number of different layouts and then picks the three designs …

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What To Expect In HTML 5

HTML 5, though far from getting released, have made a significant buzz in the market. Many have said that the new web standard is as close as many think, in which 2012 will be its debut year, which is also a year in which many that we believe and learned in HTML 4 will change significantly.
However, according to those privileged to have learned of its new features, many changes in HTML 5 will not entirely affect the usual ethics and practices in which web developers have learned with HTML 4, only that some elements will be removed and new elements will be introduced. So what are these changes?
New markup elements in HTML 5
According to many …

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