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The Greatest Mistakes of the Webmasters

Every Webmaster always focuses on their home page and practically ignores all the other pages in their website. The homepage is the first page that comes up if someone types in simply the domain name or url with nothing else following.
Webmasters load all images, calls to action (if they have any), strongest content, keywords, links, and whatever else, on the home page. The assumption is made that all visitors will come in through the “front door” or home page.
This is one of the greatest mistakes of the webmasters.
I’ve been creating serries of websites for years. And the biggest insight I can give you is this: Your homepage is not necessarily the most viewed page on …

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Google Analytics Overview: A Must Tool for Webmasters To Discover The Insights Of Their Website

Why you should add Google Analytics to your website?
If you have a website, it is important to understand the visitors’ behaviours of your website well. Where are they coming from, what pages they do visit, popular content on your site, keywords that drive traffic to your website, and many such things.
Google Analytics enables you to know how a visitor reaches your site and gives detail about the interaction of the visitor with your site’s content. A quick overview will help us understand the power of this wonderful tool.
Google Analytics has the following characteristics which make it irresistible for any web site owner who is interested in increasing their site traffic:
- Quick installation: You just need …

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