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Many affiliate marketers have overlooked the importance of backlinks. Get your keyword tool working with you on this one, you’ll need the most valuable keywords for your site; to find another relevant site; which will directly link back to you; thus backlinking! You need to get these high quality backlinks if you want your site to increase your search engine rankings. But how do you get these backlinks?

Well, here are some link build tips that can help you get those clicks into your site:

Link Build Tip Number One: Make comments on “Do-Follow” blogs.

Writing down comments in other people’s blogs can benefit you. Especially if that blog you are commenting on belongs to’s roster of “do-follow” blogs. Search engines also look at the link weight on comments section; meaning that they give more attention for link weight on this section that any part of the blog. Search engines have “no-followed” for many blog comment, so make sure that you are commenting on the “do-follow” blogs.

Link Build Tip Number Two: Submit your articles on directories.

Article directories such as wordpress or hubpages give you opportunity for more traffic for your site. In fact, if you are serious in marketing your website, submitting to article directories is a must. Article writing and posting it to article directories gives a chance for your content to be posted elsewhere. Blogs and newsletters, most of the time, get their content from article directories to be published in their own websites. But how does this affect the flow of traffic to your site? In fact; they include your resource boxes and links intact; they can easily lift your article or copy them from the directory to their site. Thus meaning that you can expect to get back links from their visitors.

Link Build Tip Number Three: Post as guest on other blogs.

Offer to guest post on other blogs. In this situation; it’s all thumbs up for you; a win-win situation for you and the other site owner. This gives them a chance to kick back and relax while fresh and unique ideas from another blogger come into their own blog site. And as for you, as guest blogger, this would mean more traffic into your site, because of course, you would be linking readers to your own site in each post. Besides, posting on more blog sites, other than the blog you own, is a sure way of letting yourself be known around blogosphere.

Link Build Tip Number Four. Use anchor texts.

But first, exactly what is an anchor an anchor text anyway? An anchor text is simply the group of words that you use for the link to your page. It has been proven that anchor texts do help in building up backlinks to your site and can also make the search engines be aware of your site’s presence at the same time. What is the importance of anchor texts? According to SEO experts, it is important simply because of the fact that search engines use them in their algorithms to determine search rankings. Say for example, your tags and blog keywords is “website designer” thus you need to anchor the link to your site to phrases containing those words. Each time those words are displayed in your anchor text, your chances of ranking that phrase is increased. Also, remember that you should not insert irrelevant keywords into your website, or risk being penalized by Google.

Link Build Tip Number Five: Use bookmarking websites.

Make use of social bookmarking sites. The key here is to create fresh, original, and useful content in your blog or website. Then bookmark the contents using Digg, Furl, or any other social bookmarking site. When you are done doing so, there’s a big chance for your article to be disseminated a thousand more times than just keeping it in your site.

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