Maximise Your Website Potential

Here are 10 tips that will help you make a good impression with your website:

Custom Design

You will not get a second chance to make a first impression, so you need to get it right the first time! Designing a website that is customized to suit your business and your customers requirements will be a worthwhile investment. It will reap rewards by attracting additional attention to your products or services.

After a few years, your website will give the notion of appearing tired and outdated. This is not good for your business as it will look like you cannot be bothered to update it. Its time to consider giving your website a face lift to reinvigorate its appeal.

A web designer can work out to be less expensive then you may imagine, as they should be able to restructure your website components to refresh its image.

Influence Visuals

It is a well known fact that the majority of visitors will only spend on average around a few seconds on any web page. That is unless you can manage to maintain their attention initially.

Web surfers get bored relatively quickly so it is crucial to prevent that from happening. Using high resolution images and graphics is the best way to acquire their interest and to retain it.

Update Your Website

If your website has not been updated in a long while, then it could give off the idea that your business does not exist anymore. Another no- no is having Christmas promotions still showing in March! Make a point of updating your website on a frequent basis by adding new content.

Curb Your Text

Text is clearly an important and integral part of your sales copy to communicate your message to your readers on your website. However, if you go over the top with too much text you run the risk of losing your readers interest and consequently abandoning your website altogether. The majority of visitors will not be prepared to invest that much time.

Make Your Navigation Easy

The quickest way to send visitors scurrying from your website in droves is to have a complex navigation system that is difficult to comprehend. Ensure that you put a system in place that will make it a positive experience for your visitor. Keeping your navigation simple will benefit your visitor and your business.

Website Promotion

Many people sincerely believe (albeit naively) that once their website is ready and out there in cyberspace that their work is done, unfortunately for them that is a complete and utter fallacy. Even the best designed website in the world stands little chance of being seen without promoting it.

You can promote your website by including your website address on all of your companies promotional and packaging material. Search engines are another option, pay-per-click campaigns, media advertising, business blogs are another great idea. There are many additional ways to promote your website, for instance writing and submitting articles like this one.

Seek Feedback

Never underestimate the power of feedback from customers regarding the appearance and usability of your website. Some of the finest ideas for improving and enhancing your website can be gained in this way. Do not feel bad if you receive negative feedback as it can always be used to your advantage to make improvements.

Website Design and Maintenance

Unless you are fully competent, it would be prudent to outsource your website designing and maintenance to a professional company. Of course, this will depend on your fiscal circumstances allowing you to subcontract out. It is certainly something that you should seriously consider if you are not confident to do it yourself.

Your Competition

Time spent on doing some research on your competitors websites will be time well spent. You will be able to glean ideas that could allow your business to gain a competitive advantage in the market. It always pays to keep an eye on your competition and you should do so regularly.

Monitor Your Traffic

It is important to regularly monitor your website traffic to check how efficient it is. Good web hosts will have that kind of tracking available showing the statistics so that you can evaluate and change certain aspects of your website if necessary. It is pointless to have a good website out there if it is not attracting visitors.
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